Individual Therapy

Let’s unpack some of the emotions you’re feeling so that you can overcome your anxiety, depression, or low self esteem.

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Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or self-esteem problems?

Whether you're a professional who seems to have it all together on the outside but inside you’re crumbling, or a young person confused in a strange world, you can find solace and understanding here. I offer a space where you can explore and unpack the issues troubling you.

Together, we'll delve into self esteem, self worth, belief systems, and any behavioral patterns that might be holding you back. We'll address the problems you're facing and the underlying causes too.

What to Expect

During our one-on-one sessions, we’ll have the opportunity to explore your experiences in depth, something that might not be possible in a group setting. I'll ask questions and hold space for you to talk about what's going on in your life with the intent of understanding the roots of your struggles.

Unpacking Your Trauma

Unpacking trauma involves acknowledging and understanding your experiences and how they affect your life. We'll also address any barriers you might have to being fully open, whether it's fear of judgment or vulnerability. Sometimes, what isn't said can be just as revealing as what is, and we'll work to shed light on these silent areas too.

It's Natural to Have Concerns About Therapy 

Many worry about being judged, losing confidentiality, or being vulnerable with a stranger. And some may fear rejection or abandonment due to past experiences. Here, you'll find a judgment-free zone where you'll be met with understanding and empathy.

A New and Different Experience

Many of my clients have previously been in therapy but were not helped in the way they needed.

Through individual therapy, we can work on strategies to make therapy an enjoyable and healing experience for you

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What’s Next? 

If you're ready to begin this journey, reach out via my contact page. Together, we can navigate your path to better mental health and self-understanding. Our conversation will guide you in the right direction. Take the first step today.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks inside awakens."

Carl Jung

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